Audius All Stars Set To Play Discord Community Autumn Festival November 2022

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The Audius community are coming together once again, as the crypto market continues to falter and fall, music as is so often saves the day.

It’s almost time for the second annual Audius Autumn! To fill its stacked Discord festival lineup, Audius, the largest decentralized music community and discovery platform for developers and artists, turned to its community. On Friday, November 4 at 8am PDT, Audius all-stars from around the world will perform 23 unique performances.

Audius Autumn ‘22 features performances from LookasGood Times AheadBuunshinLosco, Saint Punk, Slowpalace, & many more. Additionally, there will be three tastemaker showcases from bitbirdBrownies & Lemonade and Whitenoise Collective.

If you haven’t caught an Audius Discord Festival you can expect a huge gathering of like-minded music lovers all typing away while artists put forth their all – on your very own screen.

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