Brave And Solana Colab Enables Audius Users To Search Music

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As part of the Solana Ecosystem, Audius users can now search their favorite tunes using the Brave Browser.

Brave, a crypto focused web browser, announced earlier on Tuesday that version 1.41 now supports the Solana-based decentralized apps.

The most current integration in the updated browser makes it possible to access Web3 and decentralized financing in more convenient ways.

The two most well-known dApps in the Solana ecosystem are the cryptocurrency music app Audius and the Solana NFT marketplace Magic Eden.

Only Brave desktop wallet supports the feature currently

The integration of dApps is currently only supported by the browser’s desktop version. The statement reads that Brave will soon allow compatibility for the mobile version.

“Brave Wallet already makes Web3 easy-to-use with multiple features and partnerships, and today we’re expanding this access via our Solana integration and DApp support for our desktop browsers, with mobile coming soon.”

Brendan Eich, CEO and co-founder

Back in November, Brave first revealed that it has partnered with Solana, switching to the “Ethereum killer” as its preferred blockchain.

The browser topped 50 million active users in January. The web browser, which Brendan Eich, a former CEO of Mozilla, invented, needed around five years to reach the milestone.

The ability to receive prizes for seeing advertisements is the browser’s key selling point. In 2019, the browser made it possible to withdraw its ad earnings.

Users can quickly and easily explore the network’s thriving and expanding ecosystem because of Solana’s cheap fees and quick transaction times.

They may use Magic Eden to purchase NFTs, Audius to find music, STEPN to earn tokens by exercising, and access several dApps with ease.

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