Dan Hollings The Plan – New Updates October 2022

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The Plan by Dan Hollings October 2022

You may or not know about The Plan by Dan Hollings, but if you do you’ll have heard many stories, testimonials, or even had friends or colleagues that signed up and are smashing it with The Plan.

If you’re simply at the start of your journey in crypto, or more specifically with Dan Hollings crypto bots, then this article will share with you the what, the how, and even the why.

You’ll also learn about some important updates for this latest version of The Plan by Dan Hollings in October 2022. Updates that addressed an issue that many didn’t see when they previously signed up for The Plan.

Well, Dan listened and provided a solution. But we’ll get into that further in this article.

Firstly then…


Put simply, The Plan is all about setting crypto trading bots up to place trades many times per day that will make you small amounts of money throughout the day. They do this without you. Once you’re set up with Dan and his team that’s essentially it. Go to work, don’t go to work, work on something else.

Dan calls this his “Wiggle” strategy. It was designed to use the daily up and down movement in the crypto markets (“wiggles”) to kick out passive income…

And the market’s still “wiggling” every day, so Dan’s strategy is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do!

It’s turning little wiggles in the market into money in the bank, as often as every day of the week. (And he’s got the proof to share.)

Sure, the mainstream media has called this a “Crypto Winter”…

And last year’s crypto social media fanboys are this year’s haters, if they haven’t scurried into their caves so they won’t be seen…

But Dan’s been hanging out, loving life over in Arizona — quietly cranking out consistent income from the crypto market’s “wiggles.”

Go play. Be with your kids. Work remotely. That’s the point. Give yourself the freedom to do what the eff you want.

Whatever your situation, The Plan is ultimately about giving you choice. The choice to do what you want, when you want, with who you want.

Now that’s the super simple version of course. There’s a learning curve but your hand is held the whole way.

>>> This PDF explains Dan’s “Wiggle” crypto income strategy <<<

Now, this is really important… click the link above to download the PDF that Dan has put together.

So, you’re going to want to check this out.

And it doesn’t matter if you’ve never touched crypto before…

… Or you got burned in the crash, and you’re a little cautious now…

… Or you’re a pro looking for what’s working today…

It doesn’t matter what level of experience you have, I recommend paying close attention to everything Dan says.

Dan’s already convinced more than 16,000 people from 130+ countries to pretty much give up on the “gospel” of crypto…

And follow a completely different path toward financial success through the crypto markets. Dan’s approach was built with the goal of withdrawing money from the crypto markets, as often as every day.

If you ask the average person on the street about how to succeed with crypto…

First off, they’ll tell you nobody is having any luck in crypto today, in October 2022.

Because the market has STUNK for pretty much the past year.

But if you keep asking them how it works…

They’ll say that if you want to do well with cryptocurrency…

Basically, you have to buy whatever coin is going to go up — and hope it does, so you can sell it for more than you paid.

And that’s been the gospel of the true believers — they jump from one “hot coin” to the next with the HOPE the market will do what they need it to do.

But here’s the thing…

What Dan’s doing shows that there’s a completely different way to achieve financial success in crypto…

If you follow Dan’s method, you don’t need the markets to go way up — and coin values to go “to the moon” — to get ahead.

In fact, Dan says all the market has to do is “wiggle” and his strategy generates income. Remember the “wiggle”?

And yes, crypto is wiggling — 24 hours a day…

Dan even shares HOW this can even work in a “down” market. Remember the important updates? We’ll get there soon.


Again, keeping things really simple here. To earn money passively.

You may have looked at day trading before as a means to earn income daily, but when you weighed up the reality of actually doing it…

You didn’t want to be stuck to a screen all day looking at charts, and the anxiety of whether your trade worked out. Who wants to be tied to their computer like that?

Plus, day trading takes time to master. And so do you really want to do this day in and day out? Or do you prefer automation? So that once the initial setup is done (yes there is some work involved here) and you’ve learned the dials on the dashboard, it’s largely hands-off.

Day trading in front of a screen most of the day, or automated bots that’ll do it for you…hmmm?

It’s probably a rare thing, that someone yearns to be a day crypto trader for the sake of it. Boring!

So really it’s the lifestyle that The Plan can facilitate.

You could think of it as an ‘Awesome Lifestyle Facilitator’. Perhaps you’re looking for side income, or you’re committed to this being your full-time way of making a good living.

Well, actually skip the full-time part. This is most certainly part-time or less, with the potential to grow your income.

So it could fit right alongside your day job or business if that’s what you love.


This is where you’re going to go more in-depth.

Dan will show you how he’s generating an almost completely passive income from the crypto markets.

Seriously, it takes just a short while to set it up — even for total crypto novices — then Dan likes to just step away from his computer and go play guitar.

As he says, “do nothing.”

Meanwhile, it’s designed to generate income from the 24/7 “wiggles” in the price of crypto – even in today’s crypto market.

This is unlike any training he’s done in the past – because he’s going to cover 10+“crypto bots” that are green TODAY, in the current crypto climate – and how you can potentially replicate them.

>>> Grab your spot right away for the webinar<<<

What you might want to consider is…

Dan & his team are giving away 2,500 dollars on this call. Seriously.

They’re going to pick 5 people who are still on and engaged at the end — and each person is going to walk away with 500 dollars.

If you’re one of the lucky five, you could use this to fund this crypto income strategy OR just spend it on whatever you want; it could be yours!

But also consider…


If you were to imagine the perfect business, it’d basically be hands-off.

You’re the owner.

And all day, every day, you have people working for you, generating income for you and your business.

Even better, you never have to deal with employee complaints, requests for time off, HR issues, and other headaches that come from running a business.

That’s the fantasy, right?


>>> This crypto “side hustle” works just like that<<<

Seriously, you’ve gotta be on this Zoom call with Dan Hollings — one of the world’s foremost authorities on using crypto for generating income.

Because you’ll see how you can hardly call this a side hustle…

Because he does almost no hustling at all!

He’s shared how this works, and he spends just a few minutes — even as little as 30 seconds — setting up a crypto “bot” once he learns the process.

Each bot is like an employee, working 24/7 in the crypto markets to generate income in a unique way.

But unlike most employees, they just do what they’re told and never complain!

Whether you’re a complete crypto novice or a pro just looking for a different approach today, your path going forward is the same.

Figure out how this side hustle works.

Spend maybe a couple of hours getting set up & learning for the first time.

Then spend a couple of minutes doing what Dan tells you, to set up each bot you want working for you 24/7.


You just have to have some really basic computer skills — about as simple as using email or filling out simple online forms.

You go through Dan’s training…

You log into the website Dan shows you, and set a few settings…

And suddenly, you have the potential to generate income from all the little price “wiggles” in the crypto market…

How’s this for lazy?


 Ok, so you may have heard some people talk about getting wrecked with crypto bots, that The Plan doesn’t work under certain market conditions.

Well Dan has addressed exactly this. He now has created new “bottom feeder” bots, designed specifically to generate income in today’s struggling crypto markets…

 It doesn’t even matter if crypto prices are going up.

You don’t need to wait for the next crypto rocket ride to start collecting this almost passive income now — even today, in October 2022.

But to see these “bottom feeder” crypto bots in action, your best bet is to hear it directly from Dan.

This is unlike any training he’s done in the past – because he’s going to cover 10+“crypto bots” that are green TODAY, in the current crypto climate – and how you can potentially replicate them.

>>> Grab your spot right away for the webinar<<<

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